Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dimly Lit Rooms

In dimly lit rooms everything looks softer. Dimly lit rooms eradicate -minor- problems. Bars are usually dimly lit and for good reason. Guys are more likely to be attracted to girls in dimly lit rooms, ergo guys are more likely to approach said girls and insist on buying said girls (alcoholic) beverages. This (may) increase said girls self-esteem and will definitely increase bar sales. Everybody wins, right?

But what happens when the flickering wicks are no longer your only source of light. When the sun rises everything is much clearer, the picture is much sharper and you wish you were back in that dimly lit room. The dimly lit room, in which, not everything but enough is said. Two thirds omission and one third of 'enough'. In dimly lit rooms certain things are overlooked, all for the good of the 'cause'.

Then you go home and are blinded by the light. That artificial light that burns through your retinas and exposes everything for what it really is. All the tiny cracks appear and you are faced with the errors of your ways. That constant humming drone returns and plays like a drill on your mind.

Dimly lit rooms.

Mar 09

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