Thursday, 24 September 2009

A Full Set of Eyelashes

I recently purchased a new computer; however, it seems my fingers are having a hard time accepting the new change. Sure they slide across the keyboard with effortless glee but the words that they create, I got to say, that ain’t that grand. This is indeed a shame. It’s as if there has been a death in the family and the replacement lacks the history that once bound my fingers to the keyboard.

My previous laptop, bless its little soul, had a good run but by the fifth year its little lungs were out of breathe. I was in denial. Due to my financial situation at the time of its demise, I opted for the more affordable option – getting the hard-drive rebooted at a computer swap meet. For the $50 I spent, the result was surprisingly good. Unfortunately, like clockwork, those tell tale signs crept their way back onto my computer screen.

Pages would take a good 20 minutes to load –I’d entertain myself by pulling out eyelashes- while the cursor seemed to have a mind of its own. I was seasoned in eyelashes with little to no control.

Today I sit with my full set of eyelashes but the cursor blinks despondently.

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