Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fuck You Very Much - You Were Thinking It

Currently, the state of newspapers, magazines and practically any form of print is in peril. With the Internet's offer of 'instant gratification' its tactile counter-part has been struggling to keep up. And this was before the whole recession reared its ugly little head!

Apparently, moving from Australia to London was one of the most inane things an aspiring journo, such as myself, could have done. In fact, there were only a few who were willing to spare some supportive words, in preparation for my departure. (Never fear this is definitely not a story about me).

Lucky, I'm as stubborn as they come...yea lucky..

But what is reassuring is when I stumble across sites such as My Fucking Redundancy (, a blog which really does tell all the big wigs where to stick it.
Just by reading the title you would have obviously deduced that Jo Fuertes-Knight was indeed made redundant from a 'titty magazine'. But instead of wallowing in self-pity and quietly crying to herself, she's grabbed the largest soap-box she could find -the internet- and kept on doing what she loves; writing! Her writing is as self-effacing as they come and literally says 'fuck you and your fucking bureaucracy'.

Redundancy only made this lady raise her voice; shouting even louder than before. And that's how one Jo Fuertes-Knight made being redundant an inspiration.

[She's also really good at complaining without coming off as a complete wanktard. There's a neologism for ya.]

I couldn't help but write her a few kind words:

" Jesus, you're fucking hilarious, props to you for wading through the crap that bogs down this shitty path we 'journos' have to endure. First time I've ever wanted to add someone without knowing them, but I'll resist the temptation to be creepy. aha Kudos, Jasmine "

Update: She replied.


Thanks for the blog love too, immense, I usually get abusive anonymous messages.

I'm fucking with your head and adding you, SMASH THE SYSTEM!

x "

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