Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

From Jasmine
So what happened?

From Laurent:
Sorry Jasmine I wrote your number down wrong! How are you?

From Jasmine:
Ok then.. I'm cold! Maybe I should have stayed in Australia.

From Laurent: 
Well London isn't exactly the best place to get warm. You're from Australia?

From Laurent:
So can I have your number again?

From Jasmine
Only if you promise to write it down correctly and call me ; )

From Laurent
Yes, I will grumpy pants : )

From Jasmine
Did you want to catch up tonight?

From Laurent
I'd love to but I have to sort my hair out! Got to find a hairdresser!

From Jasmine 
Buy me some scissors and I'll cut it for you. Don't be a girl. Your hair's fine. Come and meet me.

From Laurent
I'm not being a girl. But seriously my hair's out of control.

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