Sunday, 20 September 2009

There's something in the Air

 Just finished reading The Independent's interview with ethereal band Air. The French duo didn't have much to say, and this was duely noted by journalist Rob Sharp, although what they did say, while not very insightful, was definitely an insight into the minds of Nicolas Godin and JB Dunckel.

The inspiration for their forthcoming studio album, Love 2, was the balance between love and pain; a direct result of a human being's insaitable need to feel.

 "When things are complicated we desire something warm and relaxing...That's the reason we fall in love; it's because we need to feel things very strongly," says Dunckel.

While Dunckel presents himself as the demure of the two, the loquacious Godin is more opinionated; punctuating his quasi-irreverent speech with apathy and profanity.
"I don't give a fuck what people think about my music"
For a master of such mellifluous and sometimes scrupulous music, Godin and his views are every bit the contradiction. For someone so seemingly tainted he sucessfully creates music which is as euphonious as the civil sanctity of marriage.
"I don't believe in marriage, it's so fucking bourgeois"
Perhaps these -not-so frisson- francophones balance one another out; two polar opposites that when put together in a mahogny Parisian studio, find the perfect harmony. Pun intended.

Air's fifth album Love 2 is out 5 October 2009.

Check our the already released first single 'Sing Sang Sung'.

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