Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Low Brow Graffiti

The graffiti artist is thought to have struck again overnight, leaving this image on the wall of a pharmacy in north London.
The new painting depicts two children pledging allegiance to supermarket giant Tesco.
A Tesco plastic bag flies in the place of a flag.
The owner of the pharmacy in Essex Road, Islington, is said to be thrilled by his new paint job.
"I just walked into the shop on Monday and, lo and behold, there it was," he told the London Paper.
"I am absolutely delighted - I think it's just fantastic. I've heard how much these works can go for.
"We would consider selling the wall, but not the shop. I think anyone who would want to erase it is crazy. It's a piece of art."
Banksy's latest graffiti follows Gordon Brown's warning last week that retailers may be forced to cut down on plastic bags if they do not do so voluntarily.The Prime Minister has hailed the example of retailers such as Marks and Spencer, who has announced it will charge customers 5p for every carrier bag given out by its food stores.

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