Tuesday, 11 March 2008

WOOOOO! Would you date a girl with a wooden leg?

This teeny tiny mag is hillarious. It's pretty much a book of interviews and each issue has at least one star that you are likely to know. They talk about absolute crap and don't edit anything out... it's candidity (?) at its best. The whole conversation is published and it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary to read a discussion on the complexities of toilet behaviour ie; whether leaving the toilet seat down is really that big a deal when you live with two other guys.. I THINK NOT!

Wooooo is from NY and Mon got me onto it. Her friend, the guy that created ALPHA 60, is friends with one of the creators of the mag and fortunately for me he sent it to her.
In a recent interview with Parker Posey they discussed the important things in life; pencil sharpenings and the smell of pencils.

Wooden Legs: “Would you date a girl with a wooden leg? What if it was made out of Balsa and it blew around on windy days and bopped you in the head all the time?” Would you?

Check out Michelle Williams' interview from their first issue:

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