Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sufjan disses Chicago

THOMAS BARLETT: Why so many versions of "Chicago"? What is it particularly about that song that it needed so many incarnations?
SUFJAN STEVENS: It's just a pop song. You know how sometimes there'll be this great radio hit, and people will do covers of it, alternate versions -- Madonna has a dance remix, a club mix, a radio mix, an acoustic version -- I think it's a part of that whole tradition. But I just did it all myself because I knew no one else would probably do it.
The curse has been that this is a song that I never really valued that much. I think the story behind the song is important to me, and the emotional intention is there, but the song itself, technically, is just so primitive: It's just four chords, verse-chorus-verse-chorus, it's very repetitive. There's not much to it ... which is probably why it's so popular (laughs), because it appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Doveman interviews Sufman for

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