Saturday, 22 March 2008

Midnight Juggernauts

So the night started with 'EBONY BONES' - african rock, elctro, neu-rave and everything in between beats. There were 6 on stage, a couple blowing whistles, singing, side steping etc etc and then there was Ebony Bones, screaming into a mic. It seemed a bit amature, kinda like a staged production of your 12 year old sister and her nimrod friends, blowing whistles and wearing neon with palm tree hair dos.
So apparently Timbaland is interested in her and she was actually the little baby in that 60s show 'Family Affairs'! So what do I know.

Next up was the 'Cazals', and they are not very good live. I can understand how the Juggers may have been fooled into thinking that these guys were a good opener. But dear dear me were they sadly mistaken. Oh and the lead singer is unforgivingly unattractive. Sorry just tellin it as it is.
Overall: The Cazals are good just as long as you never never have to endure a live set.

On the other hand, Kisune singned them in Feb of 2008 and released their first single, 'Life is Boring'. So if you want to believe a thriving record label over me then you go ahead and do that.

Then FINALLY the Juggers graced the stage; I have seen them so may times, and maybe that's why I'm not immediately spewing up a rave review. They are always good, they were good, but your surroundings definately affect your level of enjoyment. I'm a Melb girl, they are Melb boys and we were in London. It just wasn't right. Yes, there were Aussie people scattered throughout the crowd but it wasn't enough... Just wasn't the same.

To finish the night off Busy P pulled out his turn tables and did what he does best, created some magic. He definately exceeds his reputation.

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  1. Yes fellow Melb boy here and I also witnessed the whole thing and OMG Ebony Bones fuckin rock'd! Saw them again at Fabric, good good shit..


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