Friday, 28 March 2008

Stag and Dagger

Just bought hot tickets for the Stag and Dagger festival which is being held in Shoreditch on the 15/May..

16 quid gets you the following:

Line Up: 1990s, A Trak, Allez Allez DJs, Archie Bronson Outfit, Bang Gang, Bumblebeez, Burga Sauce DJs, Casper C, Cheeky Cheeky & The Nose Bleeds, Chik Budo, Christopher D Ashley, Ciara Haidar, Collapsing Cities, Das Pop, Dead Kids, Drums Of Death, Duchess Says, Edward J Hicks, DJ Elles, Example, Filthy Dukes, George Lamb & Marc Hughes, Golden Silvers, Harmonic 313, Jay Reatard, Jil Barber, Jimmy Edgar, Jonathan Jeremiah, Joy Formidable, Kid Harpoon, Laurel Collective, Let's Bitter Cinema, Lord Auch, Lost In Paris DJ's, Lovvers, Magic Wands, Magistrates, Michachu, Mira Calix, Moshi Moshi DJs, Mother Mother, Munch Munch, Muscles, My Ex-Boyfriend Records, Natty, Octopus Project, Ok Tokyo, Operator Please, The Oscillation, Personality Crisis, Piers Martin, Pivot, Primary 1, Pure Groove DJs, Quiet Village, Rod Thomas, Semifinalists, Skull Juice, Slow Club, Smoke Fairies, Spinney, Steroid Abuse DJs, Stopmakingme, The Strange Death Of Liberal England, Ed Banger Records Party, Telepathe, The Cocknbullkid, The Displacements, The Invisible, The Mike Strutter Group, The Mouth, The Pan I Am The Shoes, Times New Viking, Turner Cody, Wave Machine, Young & Lost, Zombie Zombie........Plus many more to be announced!

Aussie peeps Bumblebeez, Operator Please and Muscles will be attending! WOOOO

Speaking of Muscles, I saw Sportsday Megaphone at the Old Blue Last (The official Vice pub)
and I couldn't help but see him as a skinner younger version of our Victorian boy. Funnily enough Muscles is one of Sportsday Megaphone's top friends.

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