Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Quand tu marches, je reste ici.

To the best of my knowledge I am not easily fooled. And to the best of everyone else’s knowledge I am one cynical bitch. What they call ‘cynicism’ I label ‘realism’. So what’s different now?

These days, hand me a newspaper or magazine and I’ll hastily flick through the pages until I spot that all knowing face, the lady whose wisdom and ability to see into the future.. shits all over mine (apparently).

Today her name is Shelley Von Strunckel.. and she can foresee my future. What she sees isn’t really the point, although the closer to my situation that paragraph is, the more likely I am to read on…

In my case my willingness to read on has to be attributed to the fact that I am wandering through unknown territory; a vast land of the unfamiliar. It’s like taking one cautious step at a time, lightly placing one foot in front of the other, using the front of the foot to inspect the firmness of the ground before allowing the heel to follow suit. No sudden movements; head down and one foot in front of the other. It’s simple. That is until some lady with premonitions in tow comes your way.

She begins: “You’ve been in a cycle of intense change since late last year, so by now, you’re accustomed to sudden developments and unexpected opportunities”.

I don’t want to appear naïve or paranoid.. but I think Von Strunckel is on to me. As I closely inspect her black and white photo; her raised eyebrow, high cheek-bones and pursed lips seem ever so convincing. What’s she hiding behind that sour puss demeanor?

This is my first time.. hearing what Von Strunckel has to say and, I’m ashamed to say, I want more. I trace back to the front page in search of details, is it a daily or weekly periodical? I discover that I’ll have to wait till next Sunday to find out what’s in store for Jasmine, the Sagittarian. Uncontrollable ‘forces’ will ‘devour my time and mean abandoning objectives I’ve worked so hard to achieve’.

Well I’m glad someone is finally acknowledging the hard work I’ve put in, even if it is just to inform me that it was all a waste of time. Can’t wait to see what fate and Von Strunckel come up with for next week’s segment.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Babe, love this story, its hilarious. I want to hear the next installment of what your fortune telling friend has predicted for you. Because I do admit she did hit it right on the mark... Love your writing style, good shit ma petite chou-chou. Love Tamela. xo
    ps are you still eating cornflakes for brekky and fried egg for dinner?? Where's the variety girl? What happened to risotto??? xo


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